September 18, 2016

#64: Verbal Discharge’s One Night Degree LIVE

On Thursday 15th September, you rallied in your hoards to The Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre to enroll in the University of Verbal Discharge. And now, we present, our second live show, in podcast form, for your listening pleasure.

Listen back as we attempt to give you the fullest-possible University experience over the course of two hours, covering Fresher's Week, lectures, running our of money, running out of food, graduation and more besides. This week, James gives us a comprehensive history of fashion, Robbie develops a worrying tic as he teaches us the secrets to success is business, Ben find what's really inside the brain, and Jordan finds nothing inside a sport science student's brain. All this and much, much more (It's our longest-ever episode, so we mean it for once).

There are numerous points of the evening in which the audio you can hear was supported by visuals, and one point in particular where a huge laugh comes from a face one of the team pulls. The podcast is obviously not the best way to experience this week's show. That would have been to come down, last Thursday, and see it live. The video version shall be up in the next week too.

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