June 17, 2016

#55: Verbal Discharge in the Morning!

Welcome to another installment Verbal Discharge In The Morning, Britain's premiere light entertainment show broadcast before 12PM!

This week, The Jam frontman Paul Weller stops by to tell us about his new album My Name is Paul Weller, Gerbal Steinfeld has all the latest from what pundits are calling 'The Football', celebrity chef Liam Gallagher teaches us another delicious recipe you could cook in prison, we read out your tweets on the big Europe issue, our resident amateur film man Robbie Owen ruins the ending of Miracles From Heaven starring Jennifer Garner and glamorous weatherman Ben Knight gives a glamorous weather report about the glamorous weather. All this and more on the greatest breakfast show to ever definitely be broadcast every morning on a major TV station all the time and not be one bloke doing silly voices for 40 minutes because we couldn't record a proper podcast this week.

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