January 1, 2017

#79 Pt1: The Year in Erotic Green Punk Duck Chancellors

It's that time of year again, the time when you think about the fact it's a year rather than simply accepting it. And, as such, Discharge is looking back on our last year in full, as we reflect on each podcast from 2016...

In the first of three parts, join us as we relive what has been a frankly busy year for Verbal Discharge. We present the best moments and out-of-context audio clips from episodes 36 to 50 of the podcast, which saw the introductions of Ducky McDuck, Grak and other lovable Verbal Discharge characters, we interview the leader of the Green Party,  personally victimise George Osborne and all kinds of other nonsense! Basically, it's better than a normal podcast because it's just the good bits. We've also got the Verbal Discharge team introducing their favourite bits, plus a supercut of us saying our favourite phrase of the year, "Keith Chegwin's Penis". Enjoy, and we'll see you in a few days time for Part Two!

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