July 30, 2017

#96: Love Island Special!!!!

One island. Two winners. Like eight hundred and thirty stupid people trying to fuck each other. It's the TV show you've been sort-of confused about when your colleagues talk about it, everyone!

It's time Team Discharge familiarise themselves with the TV event of ITV2 between 9 and 10:30 on the evenings it was on. This week, James and Robbie binge Love Island, and see how closely it fits their predictions going in. Join them for a voyage of rapist, twats, and a woman who's probably Andy Cerkis covered in ping-pong balls*. That's right, ladies and mildly disinterested gentlemen, it's time for our Love Island special!


*This is a joke Robbie came up with immediately after finishing the show, and regrets not making, so has squeezed in here.

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