October 2, 2015

EPISODE #21: Danny Dyer’s Cheap Bean Top Trumps

Oh me, oh my, oh joyous day! Oh, once more, oh what glory is sent upon us! It is another Verbal Discharge day, another prime chance for me to cleanse my sins, to listen to a podcast so good, so great and so holy that if I listen to it enough times, The Lord may just forget about the seven murders I committed in 1969, including popular actress Sharon Tate!

It's some top-notch Discharge this week, as the usual suspects reassemble for one last podcast-only show before returning to the airwaves on Thursday. This week, Jordan brings us in from the apocalypse, Robbie plays Top Trumps and James decides the world needs to speak a bit more like Danny Dyer. Don't hold it against him.

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