October 9, 2015

EPISODE #22: The Weary and Not-Live Extravoganza

The endless void. It comes towards you, threatening to swallow you up. It looks you in the eye, and your life flashes before you. This is it, you think, gripping your mind with all you have. The void grows, and it swallows. Soon there is nothing, but you, and the new Verbal Discharge podcast left in the universe. And the void stops. And you realise it wasn't evil all along: it has given you the only thing you need to be happy.

It's that time again! Verbal Discharge returns for another week, ready to impress your eardrums. This week, Jordan is tired, James is tired and Robbie has found a very remote way to personally harass a well-known public figure. In case you couldn't tell, it's one of those shows. The really good type of shows, obviously, this is Verbal Discharge we're talking about.

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