October 23, 2015

EPISODE #24: From Out of a Scout’s Microwaveable Noodle Bowl

It was in October, 2015, and the speaker was the well-known Jamesette Bossonivich, maid of honor and favorite from the Verbal Discharge podcast. With these words she greeted Prince Jordan Reynoldsosky, a man of high rank and importance, who was the first to arrive at her reception. Jamesette Bossonivich had been laughing for some days. She was, as she said, listening to Verbal Discharge; Discharge being then a new podcast in St. Petersburg, listened to only by the elite.

War, peace, and everything in between (Which is everything), that's just a small taster of what's coming up on the latest Verbal Discharge podcast. This week, James sets up a murder mystery, Robbie orders a pizza and Jordan sings about Daniel Craig blowing a raspberry. All that's needed now is for you to hit 'Play' and sink back into the pot of glory that is Episode #24...

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