February 4, 2016

EPISODE #38: Keith Chegwin’s Surprisingly Awesome Robot Penis

We really hope you came across this podcast accidentally because you searched iTunes for 'Keith Chegwin's Robot Penis'. If you're here because you like the show and listen to it every week, that's good too, but if you're the kind of person who looks for songs about Chegger's cyber-cock, we like you, and want to be your friend. Possibly even your husband, depending on how you feel about socks in bed.

Another week, another Discharge. This week, we make a very exciting announcement about next week's show! And then do some stuff on this week's show, too, obviously. Namely, Robbie tells every single joke from Michael Bay's 13 Hours, Jordan reacts to reaction videos, and James tries to get Ant & Dec's Live Fly Tipping back on air. Forget it, James. It's never going to happen.

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