February 12, 2016

EPISODE #39: With Natalie Bennett!

The Green Party of England and Wales were formed in 1990. They won their first parliamentary seat in 2010. They hit record election figures in 2015, receiving 1.1 million votes. But, in 2o16, they entered he big leagues. In 2016, Green sent their party leader, Natalie Bennett, to appear on Verbal Discharge...

We've made thirty-eight episodes before now, and they've mostly been nonsense. This week that's probably especially true, but in the middle of it all we were honestly, really joined by the leader of Green Party, Natalie Bennett. She genuinely came on the show, and we quizzed her in typical Discharge fashion: Children's TV, flop-haired troglodytes, even a certain chancellor's particular recreational habits. This is probably the only time you'll ever hear an adult man try to goad a national party leader into doing a Daffy Duck impression. If that's not reason enough to listen, surely nothing is...

We do have a few other things going on this week (Academies! Rap battles! Basketball! Jordan's remarkable Nigel Farage impression!), but I think you'll forgive us for being focused on the green, green guest of home.

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