February 25, 2016

EPISODE #41: Isolated School Incident Stories

The title is clever because it sums up what we talk about, whilst spelling out ISIS, which we also talk about. Yes, there's some redundant words in there, and it doesn't quite work on it's own, but hey. We're being clever. So come back when you've done something even more clever, like invent the lightbulb. Oh wait, Thomas Edison beat you to it. Looks like there really is no worth in you after all.

What? You want more Discharge? After the last forty weeks? Fine, well more Discharge you're getting. This week, Robbie, James and Jordan all recount their definitive secondary school experience, from crying in French class to punching a kid in the face. Plus! We talk about ISIS and feathers, because pfftttt why not. It's our show, don't you know.

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