March 17, 2016

EPISODE #44: Osborne’s Uber Fat Mum

You splutter into the light. The divine presence gazes upon you, ready for judgment.Your eternity is to be decided in these few, blistering seconds. You have lived a good life, a full life, a sin-free life. You state your case to the creator, and he looks back upon you. And he speaks, in the most broad and wonderful voice, he speaks. "You have lead a model life," he says. You clench a fist in semi-celebration. "But you did not listen to Episode #44 of Verbal Discharge." And without so much as another word, you are cast into the pit, where Satan lies waiting, your eternity spent in regret of the one play button you never pressed.

We're not saying listening to this podcast will guarantee you entry into heaven, but it certainly won't hurt. This week, James asks about your mum, Robbie delivers the annual budget, and Jordan blames his woes on Uber. All this and the usual nonsense! It's a pretty good one this week. You'll enjoy it, whilst letting it wash away your sins.

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