March 25, 2016

EPISODE #45: Battenbergman or: The Unexpected Virtue of Being an Autistic Goat

"I say boy, what day is this?" You shout from your ivory podcast app at a poor pauper. "Corr, guvnor, it's Friday" he replies, his throat breaking up as you watch, the black lung consuming him completely until there is no more. But you don't care. "I haven't missed it!" you exclaim, and head hurriedly to your iPod. There's a new episode of Verbal Discharge to download...

And what do we have to take your mind off the dead kid on your driveway? Well well well. This week, James solves world inequality with an autistic goat, Jordan recounts his footballing past, and Robbie eats an entire battenberg in less than 10 minutes. An entire battenberg. A real, full-sized battenberg. He still hasn't quite recovered, even if you're listening in 2019.

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