April 15, 2016

EPISODE #48: Pop-Up Pirate, MD’s Sexy Scam

AHAAHHA! Here's a podcast to treasure, me buckos! Verbal Discharge! Whichever lilly-livered podcast-host makes you crack up first, wins the game! But no one knows where the laughs are going to pop out next! Shiver me timbers, Verbal Discharge is a barrel of fun! From Tomy!

And we'd just like to take this chance to congratulate the small number of listeners familiar with noughties UK toy adverts who appreciated that. For the rest of you? This week, Robbie falls for an email scam, James invents a kinky game of Pop-Up Pirate!, Jordan compares the big issues and Ben finds the villain that shall bring down Spider-Man once and for all. It's a good one this week, honest. Trust Discharge!

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