May 6, 2016

EPISODE #50: Ducky McGhost Dick LIVE

Verbal Discharge is 50! Not only have people let us do 50 of these, people actually paid to come and see us do the 50th show! But, for those of you who couldn't be at The Maypole Cafe-Bar & Theatre last night, walked out part-way through and feel guilty or simply want to relive the whole thing all over again, the show is now available in podcast form!

So what did we get up to this week? We had a special intro from Derek Acorah! We had a whole audience! On this week's show, Robbie speculates over how Derek Acorah might spend his money, James eats an olive live on air, Jordan narrates the pilot episode of Ducky McDuck, Ben resurrects a pig and Robbie's brother outshines all of us. All this and so much more on our longest-ever episode. Sorry and you're welcome in equal measure.

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